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Stamps have often been described as 'the visiting cards of nations'. In many ways they reflect the history of their countries, convey the sensation of travel to faraway places, depict unique landscapes and tell of the customs of many races.

The following stamps can be purchased:


1- Definitive Stamps
Definitive stamps are used as a price for the postal service. They are printed in large quantities and available in all post offices and postal agencies.


2- Commemorative/Special Stamps 
These stamps are issued to commemorate a particular event and special occasions locally and internationally. These stamps are printed in limited quantities and available for a certain period. They are sold at post offices and Philatelic bureaus.



Other items:

First Day Cover
It is an envelope issued where the stamps and souvenir sheets are placed on and cancelled with a special cancellation.  It is issued specially on the first day of issue.


Stamp Booklet

A booklet that contains a set of stamps with an attractive cover.

Stamp Year Pack
It is a collection of stamps issued during the year in one book, which makes it a valuable and attractive gift, and is available in the offices that provide Philatelic services. 

Souvenir Sheet
It is issued for special and commemorative subjects in limited quantity and is available in Philatelic bureaus.

Stationery for stamp collectors
Stationery are provided for stamp collectors like stamp tong, magnifier, albums, and perforation gauge, and they are available in the Philatelic bureaus.


Post Cards (Greeting Cards)

Issued for special occasions in limited quantities. They are available in the Philatelic bureaus.

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