EPG’s service of distributing promotional flyers through P.O. Boxes attract many customers
21 SEP 2016

EPG’s service of distributing promotional flyers through P.O. Boxes attract many customers

Emirates Post Group, which has a network of 460,000 P.O. Boxes in the UAE, offers companies and individuals the facility of distributing their 'unaddressed' flyers and promotional material through P.O. Boxes, at reasonable rates.

The service, available across the UAE from EPG's P.O. Box, is highly popular in all post offices, because of their central locations.

Customers can target specific areas and demographic segments as part of their promotional strategy, thus gaining access to hundreds of corporate and personal P.O. Boxes.

"The Advertising through Post service provides direct access to our P.O Box network, offering a cost-effective and flexible mass advertising medium, which we believe can be an important element in today's marketing mix," said Chief Commercial Officer of EPG, Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam. "It is effective both as a standalone medium, and in conjunction with our Business Reply service."

The Advertising through Post is suitable for delivery of all types of bulk advertising/publicity materials including cards, brochures, magazines, samples, catalogues, etc. Combining this service with the 'Business Reply' helps subscribers view the response rates effectively. It also provides the company with the customer data that can be used in building a customer database. Further, this service can help maintain regular contact with the target audience at a reasonable cost.

The service requires that the items for distribution are unaddressed. Companies registered in Dubai and Sharjah need to get permission from economic departments of the respective emirate.

Rates vary on the number of P.O. Boxes targeted, the number of emirates selected for distribution and the amount of mailers to be dropped into P.O. Boxes.

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