E-commerce Solutions

Flexible solutions for first and last mile deliveries of your e-commerce items. Fully integrated and automated back-end solutions to ensure a seamless supply chain from order to delivery.

API integration

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a way for your website or application to connect with our backend via a common communication method. We offer below APIs to ensure seamless supply chain solution.

Rate calculation: Rate calculation API enables you to calculate shipping charges as per your contract rates. Rates are calculated based on origin, destination and weight of the shipment.

Booking API: Booking API enables you create a booking request, create AWBs and print an AWB to ship your shipment.

Tracking API: Tracking API enables you to get real time status update and tracking history based on the requested AWB number or reference number. You can also request for Proof of deliveries through the Tracking APIs.


We are now offering webhooks services to push real time tracking updates directly to your endpoint URL.

Use our Tracking APIs to Activate/Deactivate a webhooks service or contact your account manager to get this activated on your behalf. Our webhooks service will automatically push real time tracking status updates hassle free.

E-commerce plugins (Coming Soon) :

We are working towards providing e-commerce businesses operated on generic ecommerce platforms with ready plugins to avail our services seamlessly. The plugins once installed on the ecommerce platform will allow your customers to get live rates on checkout and allow you to create bookings (pickup request), print AWBs and track shipments from the admin panel of your ecommerce platform.