Enterprise solutions

We provide enterprise customers, customized integration with our courier and postal systems to serve the specific need of shipping and tracking in a seamless and efficient manner.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

This form of data exchange is secure, flexible and minimize data entry.

Shippers who have thousands of Shipments to process can send their data files over SFTP/FTP and our systems will be able to generate the AWBs seamlessly.

This solution is only for enterprise Account holders.

International Express Bulk Booking

International Express Bulk Booking portal enables you to create EMS shipments in bulk rather than inputting details of each shipment individually.

Mass or Bulk uploading multiple orders via Excel sheet can save you a lot of time when you have number of packages to ship.


  • Create multiple EMS Shipments via excel sheet
  • Create Single EMS Shipments
  • Use address book to create single EMS shipments and for sender details in Bulk EMS
  • Print/reprint AWBs one-by-one or in Bulk
  • Create Manifest reports
  • Export shipments reports in excel
  • Search and track shipments between selected dates
  • Lookup HS codes for you product category
  • Sample excel template provided for bulk upload with user manual for ease of use

You don’t have to install any standalone application to make use of this tool. All you need is Internet connection and a contract with Emirates Post.

Your Account Manager and the Business Support Team are available to provide any additional information or support required.